Welcome to SmartFind Express!

Smartfind Phone Number
(410) 846-0399
Note: your SFE Logon ID is your Employee ID.

With Employee Self Service, or ESS, AACPS employees can go online to view information about your pay, benefits, leave, position, and personal information. For assistance with logging into ESS - please contact the Help Desk at 410.222.5135.

Please make sure to update your profile information. If there is an error with your time schedule or location/title, please email

CALL IN HOURS: SmartFind Calling hours are from 5 pm to 10 pm AND beginning at 5 am. If at all possible, employees should call to create absences for the next day before 10 pm so that the phone system has an opportunity to offer these jobs to our substitutes in the evening before the morning call out process.